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The holy Quran and the holy Prophet's Ahadith (Traditions) eloquently prove that prophethood ('nubuwwat' and 'risalat') came to an end with our Prophet Muhammad (SAW). There are decisive verses to that effect. Being the last Prophet in the chain of prophethood no one ever shall now succeed him to that status or dignity

"Muhammad is not the father of any man among you, but he is the Messenger of Allah
and the Seal of the Prophets; and Allah (SWT) is Aware of all things.
" (Quran. AI-Ahzab
INTERPRETATION OF THE HOLY QURAN All the interpreters of the Holy Quran agree on the meaning of 'Khatam-un-Nabieen' that our Prophet (SAW) was the last of all the prophets and none shall he exalted to the lofty position of prophethood after him.

A. By Imam Hafiz Ibn-e-Khateer:
His explanatory remarks on the above verse are as follows: "This verse is conclusive of the precept that our Prophet is the last prophet and that there shall be no `nabi' after him.When there shall be no 'nabi' to follow him the ordainment of a `rasool' cannot arise by logic of anteriority because the status of a `rasool' is more exclusive than that of a `nabi'. Every `rasool' is a `nabi' but every `nabi' is not a `rasool'. There exists a continuous and unbroken chain of citations of Ahadith from a large number of venerable `sahabah' or Companions of the Prophet (Allah be pleased with them), that, there shall be no 'nabi' or `rasool' after Muhammad." (Tafseer Ibn-e-Khateer, Vol.3).

B. By Imam Qartabi
Imam Qartabi comments on the quoted verse as follows: "Said Iben-e-Atiya that the words (Khatam-un-Nabieen) according to the learned men of the Ummah of the present and the past indicate perfect comprehensiveness and signify, in consonance with the Quranic injunction, that there shall be no Prophet after Muhammad (SAW)."

C. Hujjat ul Islam Imam Ghazali
Hujjat ul Islam, Imam Ghazali explains the said verse in these words: "No doubt the Ummah has unanimously understood from this word (Khatam-un-Nabieen) and its circumstantial reference to mean non-existence of a `nabi' or `rasool' ever after Muhammad (SAW) and that (this word calls for) no reservation or tacit interpretation in it; hence its dissident is certainly the one who rejects (ummah's) unanimity." (Al Iqtisad
fil Etiqad, p.123).


ALLAH (The Creator) began the system of guidence to humanity through His venerewbal Messengers and Prophet hood beginning with Hazarat ADAM (Peace be upon him), and finaly ending with the last prophet of all time Hazarat Muhammed (sal;l Alaho Alayhi Wassalam). There after no new phrophet is to be.
All types of nubuwwat is closed eg, ZILLI, Burozi, Tashreri, or non-Tashrehi. Similarly, the revelation through prophethood is also closed after Hazarat Muhammed (S A W),and likewise any revelation through which the reformation of ISLAM is claimed. The Quraan is the last complete and most perfect book of revelation ,which is unalterable. The contents of this book are safegaurded by ALLAH himself.
It is the unanimous decision by evidence of countless Quranic revelations and hundreds of Ahadith of the phrophet Muhammed (S A W), the concencues of sahabas (ALLAH be pleased with them ) and the Ulemas and intellectual scholers that MUHAMMED (SAW) is the last phrophet and messenger of ALLAH, this Shariat is the last Shariat,this ummah is the last ummah.
The above mentioned statements and their beliefs and admission by heart are the eessential elements of faith in ISLAAM.In ISLAAM this faith is called the faith of Khatme Nubuwwat.It is the concecus of the muslim Ummah that after MUHAMMED (SAW) , any person who claims to be a phrophet and claims to be a mesenger is a KAZZAB(liar) and Dajjal(deciever),is an imposter and false. He has no relation with ISLAM , similarly a beliver of such a liar also becomed Kafir (non-believer).
Here are some references from Quraan and Ahadith relatied to prophet MUHAMMED (SAW) being the KHATEM UN NABIYEEN.(finality of prophethood).

References From Quraan
"MUHAMMED is not the the father of any man among you, but is the messenger of ALLAH and is the seal on the prophets ;and ALLAH is aware of all things."
(Para 21 Sur Al Ahzab 33-40)
"This day,I have perfected your faith and completed all my favours upon you; and have chosen ISLAM for you as your religion"
(Para 6 Sur Madia 5)

Hazarat abu Hurairah (ALLAH be pleased with him) narrated that ALLAH's messenger (S A W) said ; " Certainly my example and the example of prophets earlier than me is like the example of a palace most elagently and most beautifully constructed by a person except (that he left inb it ) a (space) for a brick in one of its corner and that made the people (who were) going around it wonder (at its beauty) and exclaime ( in perplexition) why is there no brick inlaid here ? the Phrophet (S A W) ; I am that (corners last ) brick and i am the last of the phrophets ".
(Shahih al Bukhari,book Al Munaqib,Chapter 3 Khatem un nabiyeen p501 vol 1)

Its narated by Hazarat Tahuban (ALLAH be pleased withe him) that our phrophet (SAW) said ; "In my UMMAH there shall arise thirty liars ,each of them will pretend that he is a phrophet, but I am the last of the prophets ; there is no prophet after me".
(Abu Dawood Vol . 2 p.228,Tirimizi Vol 2 p.45 )

Hazarat Ibne Masood (ALLAH de pleased with him ) has narrated that the prophet (SAW) said ; "The doomsday would not happen until 30 Kazzabbs (liars) have arisen all who claim to be prophets Although I am last of the prophets and their is none after me"
(Muslim Sharif Tirimizi Sharif & Abu Dawood Sharif)

There are so many proofs for MUHAMMAD (S A W) , the mesenger of ALLAH to establish the last prophet that it is imposible to write them here.
Prophet MUHAMMAD (S A W) said that " I am the last prophet there is no prophet after me " and instantly warned his UMMAH that there would be liars claiming prophethood. The muslim UMMAH not only strongly refuted pretensions of such liars , but sacraficed their lives for the protection and honour of KHATUM UN NABIYEEN.

Here are some events of the past.

Aswad ansi was a resident of Yemen. He claimed prophethood during the ilustrious lifetime of MUHAMMAD (S A W). he marched on to conqur NAJRAN in the first instance; then turned towards SANIA. Then all Yemen came into his suzerainity. It became known that most of Yemen had become infidels and accepted the faith of Aswad's prophethood. Prophet MUHAMMAD (S A W) despatched a memorandum to the Yermnies , who rejected the faith of Aswad's prophethood to execute Aswad.
Feroze Daleemi , one of the most prominent sahabas defeated and executed Aswad in his historical conquest. Prophet MUHAMMAD (S A W) had recieved the news of Aswad's execution through revelation. The Yemnies Had sent a messenger to prophet MUHAMMED (S A W) with news of Aswad's execution in compliance with orders; but the prophet MUHAMMED (S A W) passed away before the messenger could reach Madinah.

Musselimah was a resident of Yamamah. He claimed prophethood before the demise of the prophet MUHAMMED (S A W). People in large numbers became infidels, and supporters of Musselima. The battel of Yamamah took place during the caliphate of Hazarat Abu Bakar Siddique (may ALLAH be pleased with him) . in this battel Musselimah Kazzab was condemed to hell.His 20,000 followers died as well. In this
battle just over 1,200 sahabas , including Hayffaz and those who had participated in the battle of Badr , were amongst the mayters, and in this way the revolt came to its inevittable end.

A resident of qadiyan, which is a town in Punjab (presently in Indian part of Punjab), Mirza Ghulam Ahmed claimed prophethood in 1901 during the British rule in India. He fell victim to cholera, an epidemic desiese and died ignomiously in Lahore Pakistan. His infidel belifes had a short list. Since then all the ULEMAS have excluded him and his followers from the fold of ISLAAM . The deseaced Mirza Qadiani's first sucsessor is
Khalifa Hakim Noor Ud Din, second Mirza Mahmood third is Mirza Nasir, and fourth is Mirza Tahir residing in London in political asylem. All Qadianis are recognised and treated by the MUSLIM UMMAH asinfidels. In Pakistan all Qadianis had been officially declared as NON-MUSLIMS in 1974. Subsequently in 1984 an anti Qadiani ORDINANCE was enforced as a result of which Mirza Tahir fled from Pakistan and sought refuge in England and resides in London. Qadianis regard them selves as a group of Muslims. They engage them selves in activites with the profile of ISLAAM by which some ignorant and simple Muslims become victems of their deception. All Muslims need to be aware of their machinations in religious or other social engagements.

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