Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Good Ending

Mullâ Ali Qâri lived in Hirat and then emigrated to Makkah. His grave is in Jannatul Ma'lâ. He writes in the explanation of this hadith that whoever is granted the sweetness of Imân will most certainly die with Imân because Allâh Subhanahu wa Ta'la will not grant the sweetness of Imân to one and then snatch it away. This is the third reward for protecting the gaze. Therefore, do a transaction of a good ending with Allâh Subhanahu wa Ta'la by protecting your gaze wherever there are women eg. on the streets, airports, railway stations, shopping malls, etc. When the sweetness of Imân enters the heart, it never comes out again.

Mullâ Ali Qâri (Rahimahullâh) states that this hadith contains an indication to a good ending - a life that ends on Imân. Today the sweetness of Imân is being distributed in all places like the streets, airports and shopping malls. The condition is that one must not stare at the shops fo these sweets, namely ghair mahram forms. If someones's sugar is over the limit and he looks at a sweet shop, his sugar will not increase by merely looking but one's gaze is such a dangerous thing that by merely looking, the poison enters one.

Rasûlullâh Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the one who merely looks at strange women; he does not use her or speak to her has committed adultery of the eyes. This is a hadith of Sahih Bukhâri. An evil glance is the adultery of the eyes. This includes staring at beardless youth. Therefore, those who commit adultery of the eyes and see dreams of becoming a saint should beat their heads.

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