Sunday, December 9, 2012

First mosque in india

These Are The Pictures Of the first Masjid in India in place called Kodangallur in Kerala

The story about this Masjid is that the king of Kodangallur, Raja Rama Kulasekhara accepted Islam at the hands of the Sahabi of our Prophet(SAWW), Malik Dennar, who came here in 4 Hijri

The King gave Malik Deenar and his companions land to build a Masjid.

The Masjid resembles a Keral Temple in construction and has a brass lamp for lighting.
Inside it has a Mimbar-e-Rasool and Mihraab.

Just outside the main Chamber are the graves of Malik Deenar's son and his wife.

Malik Deenar left Kodangallur and went to Kasargod where he died and was buried there.

This Masjid is a Historic proof that Islam has been in India from 629 AD (4 Hijri) for 1376 years.

Allah S.W.T. Knows Better.

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