Tuesday, June 5, 2012


adhan is a custom of Islam and Prophetic sayings attribute many merits to the act. According to a hadith quoted by both Bukhari and Muslim, our Holy Prophet -- upon whom be peace - has said that if people knew the real  reward and merit of calling to prayer, everyone would try to give the call and lots would have to be drawn.

Nowadays muezzins are appointed in mosques to give the call to prayer, but if one prays at a place other than  mosque where the sound of the call has not reached, he should observe sunnah by giving the call and earn the  merit thereof.

Abu Saeed Khudri once said to Abdullah the son of Abdur Rahman ibn Sa'sa'a "I see that you are very fond of goats and the desert. Henceforth whenever you are among your goats or in the desert and give the call to  prayer. call loudly because whosoever shall hear the call. jinns or men or other things, would bear evidence for  the giver of the call on the day of Judgement. Having said this, Abu Saeed Khidri added that the had heard it  from the Messenger of Allah, upon whom be eternal blessings.

This shows the merits of giving the call the prayer.

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