Friday, June 1, 2012


Dhikr of Allah at intervals while engaged in business is a source of great reward and merit. It is mentioned in  hadith that in a place where people are oblivious of dhikr, remembrance of Allah is like being steadfast in jihad  when others are running away. (Targhib, p.193, vol. 3, ref. Bazzar & Tabrani).

Abu Qalaba, one of the famous followers (tabi'in) say that once two men met in the market and one said 'Come let us seek Allah's pardon when others are forgetful of Allah". The second man did it. Then one of them died  and the other saw him in a dream saying, "Allah had pardoned us on the very same evening we lead met in the market".

Certain adhkar have been specially recommended in hadith. Omar (may Allah be pleased with him) has quoted  the following words of our blessed Prophet: Our Prophet - upon whom be peace - has said that whosoever  recites these words upon entering the market is granted a thousand merits by Allah and Allah pardons his  thousand (minor) sins and elevates him by a thousand stages (Tirmidhi)

These words should be committed memory and recited off and on during work.

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