Monday, June 4, 2012


Bathing on Friday has been highly commended in ahadith. One should have the intent of bathing on Friday while taking his bath. Wearing a perfume is a sunnah and following it is meritorious and rewarding. Abu Ayyub Ansari  has related that our blessed Prophet SAWW has said that:

"If one bathes on Friday and puts on perfume if he has it and wears good clothes, then goes out of the house  and into the mosque, then says as many rakats as he can, but causes no trouble to anyone and keeps silence till  the prayer is over, this act of his atones for all lesser sins from this Friday to the next" (Targhib ref. Musnad- e-Ahmad)

Abu Umarnah has related that our Prophet - upon whom be eternal peace - said "Bathing on Friday pulls out sin from the roots of hair". ( Tibrani)

After bathing on Friday and putting on perfume, one should hurry as soon as possible to the mosque. A hadith  says that on Fridays angels stand on the portals of mosque and record the names of those who conic early. The first arrivals earn merit equivalent to the sacrifice of a camel, the next equivalent to the sacrifice of a cow, the  third equivalent to that of a raim; those who come fourth earn merit equivalent to the sadaqah of a fowl and the  last ones earn merit equivalent to the sadaqah of an egg. But when the imam comes for the khutba, the angels  close their register (Bukhari and Muslim)

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