Monday, June 4, 2012


Congregational prayer is twenty seven times superior to praying alone, and in congregational prayer, praying in  the first row is of such a great merit that our blessed Prophet has said

"If you know how superior is the first row lots would have to be drawn" (Sahih Muslim).

Abu Umamah has relates that the blessed Messenger of Allah has said "Allah and His angles shower mercies  on the first row" (Musnad-e-Ahmed).

'Arabd bin Sariyah has related that our eternally blessed Prophet sought Divine pardon thrice for the first row  and only once for the second row. (Nasai and Ibn Majah)

Hence one should try to be in the first row in every congregational prayer, or at least whenever there is a  chance. But, it is not permitted to force one's way into the first row in such a way as to cause trouble to others.  Abbas has quoted the following Prophetic words:

He who leaves the first row for liar of causing trouble to others is given trice the merit of the first row by Allah (a1Targhib, p.285. vol. I. ref. Tabrani wa fi asnadihi dhu'f).

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