Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Imam Abu Laith (R.A) says, "Abstain from laughing excessively and loudly. Eight harms come to the person  who laughs excessively. These are:
1. The ulema and wise men scorn such a person.
2. The ignorant and foolish people become bold before him.
3. Laughing increases his ignorance (if he is ignorant) and reduces his knowledge (if he is learned).  {Rasulullaah (sallallahu‐alayhi‐wa‐sallam) has mentioned that one portion of knowledge is reduced when a  learned person laughs}
4. Laughter causes one to forget his sins.
5. Laughter makes one bold enough to continue sinning.
6. Excessive laughter causes a person to forget death.
7. When others laugh because of him, all their resultant sins accrue to him.
8. Laughing in this world leads to excessive weeping in the Hereafter.

May Allah save us all from excessive laughter and from all sins. Ameen.

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