Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Just as Allah has ordained many neighborly rights, similarly has he defined many rights of co-travelers. Co-traveler is the one whom one may not know before hand but in whole company one travels; e.g. the one  sitting near in buses, trains, ship and aeroplanes. Such a person has been termed in the Qur'an, i.e. one who is a temporary neighbor. This co-traveler should not be put into any trouble by one's actions; this is his right. Some  do not hesitate to put other to much trouble for their own comfort; they should ponder the fact that every  journey ends somehow sooner or later, but even in this short period, if one's action cause trouble to the  co-travelers a great sin shall be recorded in his name. And since this sin involves human rights it would not  pardoned by merely seeking of Divine pardon unless the aggrieved person pardons it. Usually one does not  meet one's co-travelers again, nor arc their addresses known so that one may ask them for forgiveness. Once  the journey is over, it is almost impossible to beg their forgiveness. Hence one should take great care nor to  cause any trouble, pain or injury to one's co- travelers.

 On the other hand, co-travellers are to be treated with great kindness, consideration, courtesy and cordiality  and one should try to give them every possible comfort or at least be cordial to them. This is an act of great  merit which can be earned by very simple means provided one is prepared for it.

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