Thursday, June 7, 2012


Neighbor's rights are many and are ordained by Allah. Our holy Prophet, may he be eternally blessed, has  said:

"Gabriel advised me so much regarding neighbor's rights that I began to suspect that he would be included among the heirs" (Bukhari and Muslim and Ibn Omar and Ayesha).

Abu Sharih relates that the eternally blessed Holy Prophet said

"He who believes in Allah and in the Day of Judgement should be good to his neighbor" (Sahih Muslim)

Abu Huraira has quoted the Messenger of Allah as follows:

"He who believes in Allah and the Day of Judgement should not cause pain to his neighbor" (Bukhari and  Muslim)

The first and foremost and the principal right of the neighbor is not to cause him pain, trouble or sorrow;  moreover, helping him in his need, sending him occasional gifts, sharing his joys and sorrows are all meritorious  and rewarding acts. In fact if one's neighbor is poor or in financial straits he should be helped monetarily too.  Neighbor is not necessarily one's equal in social or material sense; poor neighbors are also neighbors and  they have all the more rights as they are in greater need of help and assistance, If a neighbor is hungry, it is not  merely meritorious to feed him but also a bounden duty. Even a unbeliever neighbor should be treated well. It  has been related that Abdullah ibn Omar had a Jew as a neighbor; once when a goat was slaughtered, ibn  Omar kept on insisting upon his household to present some meat to the Jew also. (Abu Daud and Tirmidhi).

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