Monday, June 4, 2012


Qur'an is Allah's greatest gift to the entire mankind. It must be read, understood and acted upon, but mere  reading and reciting of Qur'an have also been designated by Allah as acts of merit that deserve rewards.  Mere recital of the words of the Qur'an is enough to invoke Allah's mercy, but many think, foolishly or  unknowingly that reading of Qur'an without understanding what it says is of no use. They think the Divine  book is like a other books written by men which have to be understood. But Qur'an, a Divine Book, is  different; it guarantees well-being and success in this life as well as the after life and mere reading or reciting  it is in itself rewarding and meritorious.

Abdullah ibn Uas'ud relates that our blessed Prophet has said

''He who reads one word of Allah's book gets one merit which is in fact equal to ten merits. I do not say that is one word, is one word, is one word and is one word". (Tirmidhi)

This shows that if anyone recites only, it is enough for thirty merits to be recorded. It also proves that mere  reading or recital without understanding is also rewarding since is a word the meanings of which are unknown  and so it is impossible to understand it. Thus our blessed Prophet, by giving this examples proved that reward  for reading or reciting Qur'an does not depend upon understanding it, but mere reading or recital is rewarding in itself.

Hence every Muslim, before busying himself with other work, must read sonic portion - one para or half or one quarter or even one ruku'of the Qur'an without fail; this shall assuredly earn him ever increasing merit every day.

Moreover, every Muslim must commit to memory some surahs for ready recital without having to open the  book. According to Ibn Abbas, our blessed Prophet has said

''He whose mind does not have some portion of Qur'an is like an empty house".

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