Friday, June 1, 2012


Islam has ordained rights of animals just as there arc rights of men. It is prohibited to unnecessary cause pain to  harmless animals. Even the animals to be slaughtered are to be slaughtered in such a way that their suffering is  maximum. Our blessed Prophet has ordered that knife should be properly sharpened before slaughter and  every care possible should be taken of the animal to be slaughtered. (Tirmidhi)

Having mercy on animals, rearing them and giving them comfort is very pleasing to Allah and is very meritorious and rewarding.

Our Prophet - upon whom be peace - once related a story of man of earlier ummahs: He felt great thirst during  a journey. After a great search, he found a well which lacked a bucket to draw up the water. He went down  into the well and slaked his thirst and came out of the well, then he saw a thirty dog licking wet earth. The man  felt great pity and felt for the dog's suffering, lie took off his leather socks and, climbing down into the well, he  felt them with water and climbed out with socks held in his teeth. Allah was so pleased with this act that tic pardoned him.
(Bukhari and Muslim).

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