Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Action of Sayyiduna Abdullah RA

Sayyiduna Umar RA narrates, that there lived a man in Madinah during the lifetime of Nabi SAWW by the name of Abdullah whom the people called "himaar" (donkey). He always made Nabi SAWW laugh, and once he had to be lashed by the order of Nabi SAWW on account of having consumed liquor. Later he was again brought before Nabi SAWW who ordered that he be lashed for consuming liquor. A person in the gathering said, "Oh! Allah send your curse upon this man. How often has he been brought here to be lashed and yet he does not forsake liquor, Nabi SAWW said "Do not curse him. By Allah you are not aware that this man regards himself to be the friend of Allah and Allah's Nabi".

According to another narration, a person by the name of "himaar" brought butter and honey as a gift from his friend to Nabi SAWW. When his friend asked him to pay for it, he took him to Nabi SAWW and said, "O Rasulullah SAWW pay him for those items." Nabi SAWW smiled at this and ordered that a price be paid for it, which was done.

(Bukhari, Ibn Jareer, Baihaqi, Abu Ya'la and Sa'eed bin Mansoor in Kanz and Hayaatus Sahaabah) 

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