Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Sayyiduna Anas RA relates that Sayyiduna Abubakr and Umar RA were from among the Muhaajireen and Ansaar who used to be present in the gathering of Nabi SAWW whenever Nabi SAWW entered a gathering Abubakar and Umar RA used to look at him and he in turn used to look at them. They used to smile and Nabi SAWW would smile at them.

Sayyiduna Usama bin Shareek RA narrates that we were to still and silent in the gathering of Nabi SAWW as if birds were perched on our heads. (As one who would sit so still out of fear that any my movement will cause the bird to fly away.) None of us were speaking when suddenly a group of people presented themselves before Nabi SAWW and asked him.. "who from ALLAH's servants are most beloved to him?"

Nabi SAWW replied, "Those with the most noble character."

(Narrated by Hakim-tabrani and Ibn Hibbaan in Kanz and Hayaatus Sahabah)

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