Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hadith tells us that our Holy Prophet - upon whom be eternal blessings has pointed out six deeds for which he himself has guaranteed paradise. Ibadah ibn Sanit relates the follow-in g Prophetic saying:-

"You give me guarantee of six deeds arid I shall guarantee you Paradise.
 (firstly) redeem the trust placed in you;
(secondly) carry out your contracts;
(thirdly) speak the truth (always);
(fourthly) save your (sexual) organs from (unlawful) acts;
(fifthly) keep your eyes down; and
(sixthly) keep your hands (from harming others and sinning). (Shah-al-Imam li a1 Baihaqi, p.320, 321, vo2. 4, hadith 5256)

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