Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Action of Safeena RA

Sayyiduna Safeena RA narrates that once Nabi SAWW had himself cupped. He then said to me, "Bury this blood in a place far from beasts and birds."

Sayyiduna Safeena RA says, "I removed the blood and when I was in a secluded place, I drank the blood. Some time later when I related this to Nabi SAWW he smiled."

Sayyiduna Abu Saeed Khudri RA narrates a similar event that when the noble face of Nabi SAWW was injured in the battle of Uhud, then his father, Malik bin Sinaan RA licked the blood off Nabi SAWW face. It was said to him, "You are drinking the blood of Nabi SAWW." Upon hearing this Nabi SAWW said, "My blood is now mixed with his blood, the fire of Jhannam will never touch him."

(Tabrani Majma 'uz zawaa 'id, Kanz and Hayaatus Sahaba)

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