Friday, May 25, 2012


Some people among Muslims believe that Najat (salvation in the Hereafter) is not dependent upon belief in the Risalat (Prophethood) of Muhammadur Rasoolullah (SAW). This is indeed a grave misconception, which is a belief of open kufr. The holder of the belief ,which discards the Risalaat, as well as the Finality of Risalat of Rasoolullah (SAW) is a kaafir in the unanimous opinion of the Ummah. There are no two opinions on this vital issue in the Shari'ah. 

Those associated with this kufr belief are men who have been schooled in modernism. They lack Islaam is knowledge and are gripped by servile and inferior reasoning anchored to the attitude of western liberalism. Since their capacity to reason on the basis of Imaan has become crippled, they attempt to substantiate this belief of kufr on the following Quranic aayat:

Verily, those who have accepted Imaan and those who have become Jews, the Sabians and the Christians who have accepted Imaan in Allah and the Last Day and practice righteousness, for them is their reward by their Rabb. No fear will be upon them nor will they grieve.â€
[ Aayat 62, Surah Baqarah ]

This verse has been grossly misinterpreted by the holders of the Kufr belief. This verse is not a negation of the belief in Risalat. Risalat of Rasoolullah (SAW) is one of the fundamentals of Imaan . Minus Risalaat there is no Imaan . Without Risalat there is no Najat in the Aakhirah. Rejection of the Risalat of Rasoolullah (SAW) is tantamount to the rejection of the Quran. Acceptance and belief of the Qur'aanic truths are based upon belief in the Prophethood of Rasoolullah (SAW). If there is no belief in Muhammadur Rasoolullah (SAW), there can be no belief on the Qur'aan. Belief in Tauhid, Belief in the Akhirah, in Resurrection, etc. is inextricably interwoven with the Risalat and Finality of Muhammad Rasoolullah (SAW).

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