Friday, May 25, 2012

The Poem of Hakeem Bin Hizam RA

Sayyiduna Urwa RA relates that Hakeem Bin Hizaam once visited Yemen where he purchased a cotton garment known as Zee Yazn (which was in the class of garments worn by the Himyar kings of Yemen). He came to Madinah, and even though he had not embraced Islam, he presented this garment to Nabi SAWW, who refused to accept it, by saying, "I, do not accept gifts from the Mushrikeen."

So he decided to sell the garment, Nabi SAWW ordered that the garment be purchased from him. It was thus purchased and after donning it, Nabi SAWW proceeded to the Masjid. Hakeem relates "I had never beheld anyone so beautiful in these garments as Nabi SAWW. He appeared exactly as the full moon of the fourteenth night. Seeing this beauty of Nabi SAWW i was beyond myself and the following words emerged from my lips uncontrollably."

'What orders can be issued by those who issue orders,

When one who is so radiant has emerged,

Whose forehead and limbs are so radiant,
when a close look is taken at him, his honour and nobility increase.

As if clear clean water has been poured over him.

 Upon hearing these couplets, Nabi SAWW smiled. Nabi SAWW then paid for it himself and after some time gave it to Sayyiduna Usama RA.

(ibn jareer and Haakim from Hanz, Hayaatus Sahaabah)

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