Friday, May 25, 2012

Men who were giving tidings of Hell

The Quran speaks of the people of Hell as it does of the people of paradise. The Prophet SAWW gave glad tidings of paradise to his Sahabah by name and to those who were present on certain occasions, like the Battle of Badr and the bay'ah ridwan and both men and women are included in these glad tidings. The Qura gives tidings of both Paradise and Hell specifically as well as in relation to deeds. However, one who associates anything with ALLAH is forbidden entry into paradise. ALLAH says:

And give tidings of a painful chastisement to those who disbelieve. (9:3)

and He also says:

(it hall be said:) Assemble those who did evil, and their companions, and what they used to worship besides ALLAH, then load them to the path of Hell. (37:22-23)

There are more such verses in ALLAH's book. The Ahadith also tells us of Paradise and Hell. Thus, a chief of the Makkah idolaters, Ubayy ibn Khalaf, brought a decayed bone and scratching it, he asked, "you claim that your Lord will resurrect the dead, Tell me, who will revive this (bone)" and he broke the bone int tiny pieces.

The Prophet SAWW said, "Yes, ALLAH will give you death, Then he will give you life again and admit you to Hell."

And this verse was revealed:

And the strikes for us a similitude and forgets his own creation, He says, "who shall revive the bones when they are decayed rotten?" Say, "He shall revive them Who originated them the first time. And He is the knower of every creation." (36:78-79)

These people who were given tidings of Hell were hard-hearted and obstinate. They were deprived of the inner eye and they disbelieved only out of their mulish "no give-in" attitude. They followed in the footstep of the devil and rejected the call of the Prophets AS and presisted on the path of their forefathers which suited them. Take the example of Abu Jahl. He was a chief of the Makkah idolaters. He did not inwardly deny the existence of the Creator, but he could not tolerate the Prophet SAWW who was of the Banu Hashim. He wanted a Prophet from another tribe. He would say, "we do not reject you but we reject your message". The verse was revealed:

...they belie not you, but the evildoers in fact deny the revelation of ALLAH. (6"33)

One day, Abu Jahl said to his henchmen, "indeed Muhammad SAWW is ture. He has never spoken a lie. But if the offspring of Qusay take away everything from hosting the pilgrims to the nadwah (the counselling) and now the prophethood then what remains for the Quraysh?" This was how they disbelieved, but today people simply reject the existence of God and this kind of disbelief is more serious. However both kinds are fuel for fire.

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