Thursday, May 31, 2012


Beginning from right is pleasing to Allah and His blessed Messenger on which one may expect merit and  reward. Ayesha (may Allah be pleased with her) has said that our Prophet - be he always blessed - liked to  begin from right in everything in wadhu, in combing and in putting on :hoes.

Abu Hurairah has related the following Prophetic saying:
 When you put on your dress, begin from the right (Abu Daud and Tirmidhi)

and he has also related another Prophetic saying:
When inyone of you puts on his shots, begin from the right and when he takes off his shoes he should begin  from the left. (Bukhari and Muslim) Similarly eating with the right hand has been commanded by our blessed  Holy Prophet. Ibn Omar has related the following Prophetic saying: "When you eat, eat with your right hand  and when you drink, drink with your right hand". (Sahih Muslim)

When something is distributed, it should be from the right, as this is a Prophetic custom.

One should put his left  foot first when entering the lavatory and his right foot when coming out. Following this sunnah shall be source of great merit.

These are minor and simple matters which should be kept in mind and followed.

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