Thursday, May 31, 2012


Tongue is a great gift of Allah. By it one can, if one so desires, accumulate incalculable merit for the Hereafter  or one can destroy his life in the other world. This is why controlling the tongue has been much enjoined and  reticence has been lauded in ahadith. Abdullah bin Masood relates that once he asked the Holy Prophet,  "Which is the best deed"" The Holy Prophet said Praying on time". Then he asked 'Which act is second to it?"

The Holy Prophet said:

"That people be safe from your tongue".
(Targhib, p. .302, vol. 4. ref. Tabrani)

In other words prevent your tongue from causing 1 pain to others, from backbiting and roam cheating.

Aqabah ibn Amir asked the Holy Prophet "What is the way to salvation?"

He said:

"Control your tongue and make your house sufficient for yourself and weep ever your sins" (Abu Daud and Tirmidhi).

Making the house sufficient means that one should not unnecessarily leave his house to go out and get involved  in mischief, and weeping on sins means ex pressing contrition on one's sins and seeking Divine forgiveness of  them.

In another hadith it is related that our blessed Prophet said to Abu Dhar Ghifari, "Should 1 not tell you two  things which sit lightly on man but are weighty in the scales (on the Day of Judgement)?. Then he said:

'Always be courteous and make a habit of reticence"
(Targhib, p. 312, vol. 4 ref. Tabrani, Abu Laila etc).

Once our Prophet - upon whom be peace - said the same to Abu Darda' (ibid. Ref. Abu a1 Shaikh).

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