Thursday, May 24, 2012

Aijazul Qur'an

All thanks and praises to Almighty Allah Ta'ala Who sent Hadhrat Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi
Wasallam) with the last testament—Al-Qur’an Shareef, which differentiates between right and

The Qur’an Shareef—which made the most eloquent ones helpless when they tried to refute it.
The Qur’an Shareef—which made the most rhetoric ones dumb when they tried to speak against it
The Qur’an Shareef—which challenged its opponents and everyone whosoever thought of taking up this challenge, accepted his defeat.
The Qur’an Shareef—which affirmed all the previous books of Allah Ta'ala but revoked their commandments.
The Qur’an Shareef—for which even angels crave as they did not get this treasure.
The Qur’an Shareef—which is like a rope from Allah Ta'ala that leads a believer towards Him.
The Qur’an Shareef—which connects its reader directly with Him.
The Qur’an Shareef—which is the best Mu’jizah (miracle) bestowed to Hadhrat Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) by Allah Ta'ala. All miracles of previous prophets ended with them but this miracle of Hadhrat Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) continues and will remain as an ultimate miracle up to the day of judgment.
The Qur’an Shareef—which moved the hearts of even Jenies when they first heard it.
The Qur’an Shareef—which encloses Nur (Divine light) in its words, which the world could not have otherwise tolerated in unveiled form.
The Qur’an Shareef—which was safe in Loh-e-Mahfooz and whose safety Allah Ta'ala has Himself guaranteed .
The Qur’an Shareef—excellences and meaning of which are such an ocean which has limitless depth.
The ocean—which contains countless hidden precious jewels.
The ocean—which is full of miracles.
The ocean—where no devil or enemy can find way.
The ocean—which protects its believers and sailors in an enviable way.
The ocean—waves of which changed the map of the world and the fate of the nations in a very short span of time.
The ocean—the waves of which raised all the false doctrines to the ground.
The ocean—fragrant cool breezes of which revive the dead hearts, refresh the rotten minds and teach the toddlers to fly high and high.
The ocean—clouds of which bring pleasant rains which soften the barren hard land of heart.
The Qur’an Shareef—which ended the era of darkness and enlightened the mankind.
The Qur’an Shareef—predictions of which came true to the dot, and will always continue to come true.
The Qur’an Shareef—which is the actual word of Allah Ta'ala and not created.
The Qur’an Shareef—with which Allah Ta'ala perfected His Deen.
The Qur’an Shareef—which contains a complete code of life, whether spiritual, intellectual, political, social or economic.
The Qur’an Shareef—which is a code that is beyond the boundaries of time, place or nation.
The Qur’an Shareef—which is not only theoretical but also a practical book, not only moralising but also defining permissible and forbidden.
The Qur’an Shareef—the importance to understand the message of which is undeniable, only its
simple recitation with the intention of seeking Allah Ta'ala’s pleasure and reward is also an act of worship and meritorious in itself.
The Qur’an Shareef—which is complete and comprehensive in all respects.
The Qur’an Shareef—which contains immense food for thought for those who ponder over it.
The Qur’an Shareef—which is full of the bounties of Allah Ta'ala.
The Qur’an Shareef—whose memorisers (Hufaaz) and followers will be told by Allah Ta'ala in Jannah “ Keep on reciting and ascending (towards the ever increasing heights of Jannah)”
The Qur’an Shareef—whose learner will ascend one step at the recitation of each Ayat in Jannat and the distance between each step will be as much as between the sky and the earth.
The Qur’an Shareef—which when presented to skies and earth shivered and could not bear it, and
Allah Ta'ala created the special bearing capacity in human Qalb to carry it. Thus it was only the Qalb of man that could receive it.
The Qur’an Shareef—which will intercede in favour of its reader on the day of judgment.
The Qur’an Shareef—whose reciter never feels bored in spite of reciting it daily for hours together throughout his life period.
The Qur’an Shareef—whose scholars never feel that they have mastered it but always feel that they know very little of it and its immense treasures remains unexplored.
The Qur’an Shareef—which contains complete guidance for mankind in all ages, never seems outdated and will continue to guide the mankind as long as the latter lasts.
The Qur’an Shareef—which not only resisted the onslaught of modern scientific revolution but
also forced the same to prostrate before it and accept its Divine nature, instead modern science continues to take inspirations from it.
The Qur’an Shareef—which is the only thing that gives solace to human heart.
The Qur’an Shareef—whose place of recitation and the one who recites it is surrounded by angels and tranquility.
The Qur’an Shareef—which was sent through the Ameen of skies (Gabriel) to the Ameen of the earth–Hadhrat Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam).

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