Friday, May 25, 2012

Mostly women were observed in hell .. why ?

I have no intention to accuse women when i say that they will be in a majority in Hell. These are not my words, but the words of ALLAH's Messenger SAWW. He had seen Hell with his eyes and had observed that mostly women were fuel of the fire of Hell. He was asked , "O Messenger SAWW of ALLAH, why were more women (than men) observed in Hell?" HE SAWW said, "its that you curse people (often) and you are ungrateful to your husbands. Though he may be kind to you always yet if he happens to be unkind once, you tell him that you have never observed good in him. " Bukhari Hadith 29

One day ALLAH's Messenger SAWW spoke words of advice and admonition to a group of women. He told them to those things that could take them to Hell. He also disclosed to them the things may deliver them from Hell. He said to them, "O women, give charity often .I have seen more of you in Hell. Surely, you are given to curse and show ingratitude to your husbands. I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and more deficient in religion than you yet you can fool an intelligent and wise man." They asked, "How is our intelligence and religion deficient?" He said to them, "is not the testimony of a woman half that of a man's testimony?" This is woman's deficiency in intelligence. And is it not that while a woman menstruates, she does not offer salah or observe fasting? This is her deficiency in religion." Muslim as narrated by Abu Hurrairah, Hakim etc

Ingratitude to husband is not to recognize his kindness, but that is not the only reason. The main reason that is most detrimental to a woman is her habit of cursing other people and her refusal to be satisfied with her lot in life. Women are inclined often to have tall ambitions, to complain much and they have a blind sense of honour. They will take false oaths and they are a trial for men and are mischievous..

ALLAH's Messenger SAWW said. "I leave behind no trial more harmful to men than woman." (tirmidhi, musnad ahmad)"

If a man obeys his wife then that often turns out to be harmful to him because in that case he will be actually pursuing his lust though she is his wife. Rather, man must obey his mother as long as that does not result in disobedience of ALLAH.

However, this does not imply that there are no wise women in the world with worth while advice to give. There certainly are woman who can perform sound advice, but we are concerned here with those women who are disobedient to ALLAH and to His Messenger SAWW and they are found in a very large number in this age. I can not say that the woman of today who keeps up with fashion has worthwhile advice to profer, for, she is determined to her own self and her society. The man who does not mind if his wife aborns herself and goes out without veil is a cuckold. Such a man is his wife's obedient slave and, in fact, he obeys the devil whom his wife also obeys. Of course, there are people in our time who are deeply religious and who follow the teachings of the Prophets SAWW to their best.

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