Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Disgrace of the Infidels

When the unbelieving person is about to leave the world and move towards the Hereafter, black-faced angels  come to him from the sky with sack cloth and sit down so far he could see. It is followed by the arrival of  the Angel of Death who sits down at the head of his bedstead and says, "O wicked soul! come towards the  displeasure and anger of Allah." Having heard these proclamation of the Angel of Death his soul starts running and taking refuge here and there in his body. But the Angel pulls it out very roughly and wraps up in the sack  cloth which is filthy and stinking to the extreme like the dead and rotten bodies on the earth. When the angels  ascend to various layers and at each layer the bands of the angels remark, "Who is this wicked one? " They  reply, "This is the son of so and so." The door of Heaven also remains closed for him as Almighty Allah has said:

"The gates of Heaven shall not be opened for those that have denied and scorned Our revelations; nor shall they enter Paradise until a camel shall pass through the eye of a needle." (Q. 7:40)

Thereafter, Almighty Allah ask the angels to get his name written in the Book of the Wicked Souls which lies at  the bottom of the earth. Thereafter, the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) recited the following ayah:

"He who associates others with Allah is like him who falls from heaven and is snatched away by the birds or carried by the wind to some far-off region." (Q.22:31)

Thereafter, his soul is put back in his body and two angels come to him, get him seated and ask him, "Who is  your Lord?" He replies, "Alas ! I don't know." He is then asked, "Which is your deen?" He again replies, "Alas  ! I don't know." He is further asked, "Which is this image?" He replies once again,"Alas! I don't know." After  this question-answer session is over, a proclaimer from the sky proclaims, "He spoke the untruth;(1) spread fire under his body and throw the door of Hell open for him." (This order is immediately implemented.) He feels the heat and stroke of the Hell. His grave is narrowed so much so that his ribs are pressed so hardly and harshly  that they change their sides. Thereafter an ugly man wearing very coarse and stinking clothes comes to him and  says:"Have very terrifying news." He will ask, "Who are you? Your face says that you are the bearer of bad news."

He will reply, "I am your bad deed." Thus out of fear of the punishment he will say, 'O Lord, do not establish  the Day of Resurrection." (Mishkat)

According to a narrative, when the soul of a Believer leaves his body all the angels from the earth to the sky  send their blessings on him and the doors of the Heaven are thrown open for him.

But the souls of the Unbelievers are taken out along with his veins and all the angels from the earth to the sky curse him and the doors of the sky are closed for him. (Mishkat)

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