Sunday, May 27, 2012

What did The Prophet SAWW see in Hell

in the nine books of Ahadith, there are about on thousand nine hundred and forty Ahadith about Hell. They describe Hell, some of its dwellers and the reasons why they are going there. Each of them inspires fear in the heart of a Believer whose hair will stand on end.

The Prophet SAWW found that most of its dwellers are women. He said to an assembly of women, "Accustom yourself to give charity even if you have to give your jewellery because you outnumber men in Hell. You curse too much and show ingratitude to your husband. And i have not seen anyone as deficient in religion and in intelligence as women yet they gain an upparhand over men. The testimony of two women is equal to a man's testimony, and every woman experiences a certain period of time - as ALLAH wills - during which she does not prostrate before ALLAH."

Sayyiduna Ibn Abbas RA reported that during a solar eclipse, the Prophet SAWW offered salah in which he stood for a long time - as much as it takes to recite al-Baqarah. The ruku (bowing posture) was also lengthy and when he arose from it he again stood long but this was shorter than the first standing. He bowed again in ruku but it was a shorter ruku than the first. Then he prostrated and stood up a standing shorter than the former standing, and went into ruku for a long bowing which was shorter than the first bowing. Then he prostrated and when he had finished the salah, the sun was visible. He said, "The sun and moon are ALLAH's signs. They are not eclipsed because of anybody's birth or death. When you see it, remember ALLAH." The Sahabah RA submitted . "Of Messenger of ALLAH, we saw you take something in you hand while you were in the standing posture. Then you moved back. (Why did you do that?)." HE SAWW said, "I had seen paradise and tried to pic a bunch of grapes (from there). If i had seen Paradise and tried to pick a bunch of grapes(from there). If i had taken it then you would have eaten from it tell the end of world. And I saw Hell and I have never seen a more dreadful sight. I saw mostly women among the inhabitants of Hell." The Sahabah RA asked, "Of Messenger of ALLAH, why is that so?." HE SAWW replied, "They are ungrateful." They asked, "They are so with their husband, They do not recognise kindness and favour. if you are kind to a woman for a period of time and she faces an unpleasantness with you any time then she says, 'I have never seen you display kindess.'" (Bukhari and Muslim)

The Prophet SAWW did not see this is a dream. Rather, He observed it with his eyes. However, he was ra'uf and rahim ("full of pitty' and 'compassionate') - and ALLAH also describes him with these attributes. so this situation was painful to him, He sought to rectify the situation by advising women to give charity often. Charity pacifies Divine wrath. There is a Hadith in Bukhari that he emerged from his home on an Eid day. He offered the two rakaat salah of Eid -  he did not offer any other salah that day besides that before or after (apart from the prescribed). Then he addressed the women and commanded them to give charity. They responded promptly by offering their jewellery.

The Prophet SAWW desired that somehow the women should be saved from Hell. Charity is evidence, a means to salvation and it clears ALLAH's displeasure with men. Hence, if some human beings were likely to go to Hell, they could avert that possible by giving charity liberally. This call the Prophet SAWW is directed to every woman of every age and every place.

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