Monday, June 4, 2012


Although reading or reciting any part of Qur'an is an act of merit, but reading or reciting of certain surahs have  been indicated by our blessed Prophet as particularly meritorious and rewarding. Among the short surahs.  Surah ikhlas has been indicated as much rewarding; indeed, it has been said in some hadiths to be equivalent to  one-third Qur'an.

Abu Hurairah has related that once our revered and blessed Prophet said to the companions "Come together, 1 shall recite one-third Qur'an before you". Some companions collected and the Holy Prophet came out of his  house and recited and went back. Shortly he came out and said. "1 had said that I shall recite one-third Qur'an  before you. Remember, this is equal to one-third Qur'an" (Muslim and Tirmidhi).

Abu Darda' has related that once, addressing the companions, our eternally blessed Prophet asked "Can anyone of you not recite one-third Qur'an in one night?" She Companions sail "How can anyone recite one-third Qur'an in one night?" The Holy Prophet said "Recite Qul Ho Wallah Ho Akhad is equal to one-third
Qur'an" (Sahih Muslim).

This why Surah ikhlas is recited three times to bless the dead.

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