Monday, June 4, 2012


Keeping the rows in congregational prayer straight and filling of gaps therein have been highly emphasized and  described acts of great merit. Abdullah ibn Omar has related that our blessed Prophet has said:

He who joins a row (i.e. fill tis gap) is rewarded by Allah with His closeness (Nasai)

Abu Jahifah relates that our eternally blessed Prophet said that he who fills the gap in a prayer row is pardoned  by Allah (Targhib ref. Bazzar). In general it is more meritorious to stand on the right of the imam but if there arc  more people on the right than on the left, standing on the left is according to ahadith twice as meritorious. (See A1 Targhib li a1 Mundhiri, p. 2217, vol.1 cit. ibn Hazim).

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