Monday, June 4, 2012


Praying two rakats with the intent of tahiyyat-al-masjid immediately upon entering a mosque is indicated in hadith, as our blessed Messenger of Allah said "When anyone of you comes into a mosque, he should pray two rak'ats" (Tirm idhi )

Although tahiyyat-ul -masjid should be prayed separately, but if the tune for fard or sunnah has come, then the  niyyat for tahiyyat al-masjid should be added to fardh or sunnah as the case may be. If is hoped that thus one  would be able to get the merit of tahiyyat al-masjid.

The correct way to pray tahiyyat-al-masjid is to perform it upon entering the mosque before sitting down. But if one sit down first for some reason, then too he can pray tahiyyat-al-masjid.

However, if the time is really too short to perform tahiyyat-al-masjid then one should at least recite the following:

This Kalima should be recited as long as one is sitting in the mosque, as this has been equated in hadilh to  partaking of the fruits of paradise.

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