Monday, June 4, 2012

Respect to the Sahabah, the Ahlul-bayt and pious

Sayyiduna ibn Abbas RA narrates that Sayyiduna Abubakar RA had a fixed place of sitting next to Nabi SAWW, which he never allowed anybody to sit on except him (Sayyiduna Abbas RA, Nabi SAWW liked that very much. On one occasion Sayyiduna Abbas RA came to Nabi SAWW and Abubakar RA stood up and gave that place to him. Nabi SAWW asked. "Why have you left your place?" He replied, O Rasulullah SAWW, your uncle has arrived". Nabi SAWW looked in the direction of Sayyiduna Abbas RA, then turned his attention once again towards Abubakar RA and smiled. He then said,"this is Abbas and he is dressed in white clothing. After him his son will dress in black clothes and he will be the master of twelve absyssinian slaves."

Sayyiduna Ja'far RA narrates that, "My grandfather said that Abubakar RA used to sit on the right hand side of Nabi SAWW and Umar RA used to sit on left side, while Uthman RA used to sit in front of Nabi SAWW, and he (Uthman RA was the offecial scribe of the secrets of Nabi SAWW. Whenever Abbas RA came to the gathering, Abubakar RA used to leave his place, and Abbas RA used to sit there."

Sayyida Ayesha RA says that Nabi SAWW was sitting in a gathering with his companions and Abubakar RA was seated at his side, while Umar RA was seated before him. Abbas RA was seen approaching and Abubakar RA vacated his place for him. He seated himself between Nabi SAWW and Abubakar RA, Upon this, Nabi SAWW remarked, "Only people of virtue recognize other people of virtue."

From this it is evident that it is necessary to accord respect to the Sahabah, the Ahlul-bayt, the pious and the Ulama.

(Tibrani, ibn Asakir as reported in Kanz as in Hayaatus Sahabah.)

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